Season 1 - "Presenting"

Created by Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer, "Presenting" features some of the most amazing Motivational & Inspirational Speakers emerging on the scene. "Presenting" offers something for everyone.



Life Passion & Fulfillment Coach Pamela Smith of Pursue Your Passion, LLC shares how to find your passion through loving self and listening to your inner spirit.
Featured speaker, author, entertainer and spoken-word artists Beloved Jones shares her passion for finding inner peace, self love and walking in your purpose.

Dr. Nancy J. Williams, Founder & Owner, Arabia Mountain Retreat Home & Campsite, shares her insight on how allowing love to flow through us can help heal us both physically and spiritually.

Featured speaker - Lisa Nichols, Author, Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur talks about her latest book "Abundance Now" and how we can all start living our best lives possible.
Author, motivational speaker, wife and mother Mercedes Guzman shares with us how to tame our inner child and find inner peace.
Author, Public Speaker & Philanthropist Desiree Lee shares with us her story of overcoming adversity and finding her purpose, while learning how to forgive and love self.